Why We Have to Do It? (women climbers)

According to the general ascription of the East civil society, women have experienced so many not-so-good implications of what people care about our behavior. Our position is always being in the second place compared to the gentlemen. Women were almost invisible in pre-1970s’ gender-blind sociology, only featuring in their traditional roles as wives and mothers within families. Differences and inequalities between women and men at this time were not recognized as an issue of sociological concern and were not seen as problems to be addressed. Thus, in sociology during the 1970s, differences and inequalities between women and men came to be regarded, especially by women sociologists, as problems to be examined and explained. Initially, studies were focused on ‘filling in the gaps’ in knowledge about women, gaps left by the prior male bias. Attention gradually moved to those aspects of experiences especially significant to women, including paid work, housework, motherhood and male violence.

In the 21st century, women still suffering within the male-oriented social paradigms that almost always including various boundaries in gender positioning. This positioning about main roles and purposes of women’s activities in the eye of people, had believed as some kinds of cultural heritages. Ironically, this ‘cultural heritages’ explicitly turns into multifarious prohibitions that slowly draws the narrow path about the roles and functions of women, the path is nowadays usually not suitable with the consciousness-raising that had became the part of women’s awareness since the studies about genders and feminism had been widely sprout since 1970s.

Women’s Wave, under our programs rooted by The Department of Women and Environments invites as many as free and independent women with awareness about the shift-positioning to join WOMEN CLIMBERS; an event arranged in purpose to disenchant the people that the world we’re living in is not only BELONGS TO THE MEN. Seriously, we CAN do it!


Semangat Perempuan!


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